1. Minder #024 - TOCS

    Another month, another mix. This time it’s a dark brooding techno mix from weareminder resident TOCS.

    Not much description or setup required, just put it on and have a whirl.


    Minder 024 - TOCS by Weareminder on Mixcloud


    TL available on mixcloud, drop a message to either weareminder@gmail.com or get touch @weareminder on twitter if you want to get involved or for future updates.

  2. Minder #023 - mr.fudson

    There must be something in the water around Glasgow. mr.fudson, provides an excellent mix for weareminder this month, which we guarantee will perk up your day.

    A regular contributer to the minder series mr.fudson chooses to take us on a journey using a mixture of electronica, hip-hop, and techno.

    Featured in his melting pot of wonderful madness are Houndstooth’s 18+, Fools Gold’s Gladiator through to Dirtybirds Shiba San, Italian techno head Andreas Rey and Body High’s Samo Sound Boy.


    Indulge your ears and enjoy the mix.

    Minder 023 - Mr Fudson by Weareminder on Mixcloud


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  3. Minder #022 - TOCS

    Welcome back, it’s another month and we’ve got another new mix, something a bit different for this month we’re on a hip hop vibe with TOCS, a combination of some old some new and some cracking remixes.image

    Indulge your ears and enjoy the mix.


    Not for this one, drop a message to either weareminder@gmail.com or get touch @weareminder on twitter for further information and updates.

  4. Minder #021 - mr.fudson

    Another new mix arrives, this time from long time weareminder contributor and friend mr.fudson

    This mix doesn’t require much input in ways of description, it’s a techno jaunt which is exceptionally enjoyable, no more words required, just give it a blast and enjoy.



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  5. Minder #020 - TOCS

    Would you believe it, 20th mix in the Minder series in just over two years, we’ve had a variety of styles, genres and guests who have all contributed great mixes over that time to this project.  What started off as just a space for artists to express themselves has grown into something which I hope everyone involved in the project will be proud of.

    As part of our 20th mix celebrations you will notice a few changes happening to weareminder over the coming weeks in terms of overall layout and design.  Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space.

    Anyway enough about the general chit chat and on to what you came here for, the music.  Taking over for this special occasion is TOCS, the founder and curator of the minder series, the mix follows on from a mix that was put out a while back which was essentially an ode to Detroit, it felt as though it was time to devote a mix to Chicago house and how massively influential it has been not only on the minder family but to electronic music in general.



    Phuture - Your Only Friend

    The Rude Boy Farley Keith - Give Yourself To Me

    Ron Hardy - Sensation (Dub)

    The It - Donnie(Club Mix)

    Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk - It’s You (Club Mix)

    Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Dance Version)

    Full House - Communicate (A.T & T Mix)

    E.S.P. - It’s You (Vocal)

    The Partys Over - No More Words (Club Mix)

    Sterling Void and Paris Brightledge - It’s All Right (House Mix)

    K. Joy - My Phone

    House People - Godfather Of House (Club Version)

    Rocky Jones - The Choice Of A New Generation (Choice Of Clubs)

    The House Rockers - Everybody Do It (Hollywood Mix)

    Maurice - Get Into The Dance

    Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley - Jack Your Body (Original Mix)

    Tyree featuring Kool Rock Steady - Turn Up The Bass (Jumpin’ Mix)

    Rickster - Night Moves

    Adonis - No Way Back

    Bad Boy Bill - Jack It All Night Long (House Mix)

    Pierre’s Pfantasy Club - Fantasy Girl (Club Mix)

    Mr. Lee - Art Of Acid

    Pierres Pfantasy Club - Got The Bug

    Cajmere - Horny

    DJ Sneak - Work It

    Fast Eddie - Booty Call